The Colorado Center is your mental health partner for injured workers. The State of Colorado understands that injured workers often need multidisciplinary care addressing mental health comorbidity and sequelae. And, we believe in the need for continuing outcomes assessment of the effectiveness of our services in helping injured workers improve their functioning and well-being.

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Did you know?

“Symptoms of depression and anxiety are a common consequence of occupational injury…Treating depression and anxiety as a part of the workers’ compensation system has the potential of preventing further physical ailment and improving the return-to-work process regardless of nature of injury.”

"Delayed recovery should prompt a clinical review of the case and a psychological evaluation by the health care provider."

We are a Pinnacol SelectNet Provider working with all workers’ comp insurers in Colorado. We have experience in the evaluation and treatment of mental health issues that Colorado injured workers face: PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and adjustment to life after injuries, accidents, and assaults. With collectively over 27 years of experience providing mental health services for injured workers, our psychotherapists are Colorado DOWC Level 1 trained.
As Authorized Treatment Providers, we also assist Authorized Treating Physicians whose patients may present with CRPS, TBI, cumulative trauma, or the need for spinal surgery/stimulator procedures.

Our Workers' Comp therapists provide:

  • High accessibility to providers and patients 
  • In-office treatment and state-wide telehealth for convenience and better treatment adherence 
  • Comprehensive evaluative reports and thorough treatment plans with excellent turnaround times 
  • A mind-body approach for improved physical and psychosocial recovery 
  • Psychotherapy for pain, disability, brain injury, and post-traumatic stress 
  • Evidence-based, outcome-informed care 
  • Collaboration with stakeholders for best return-to-work strategies

For more information, call or email Michael Pipich, LMFT, our Director of Workers Compensation, at 720-722-6714 or

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