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Why not belong to a group that’s just like you?

Obsessive about doing great clinical work, and seeking a healthy work/life balance.

Religious about client privacy and dignity, and unorthodox in our approaches.

Extremely serious about improving our field, and able to laugh at ourselves.

Sophisticated and intellectual, and willing to be quirky or unpolished.

Are we aligned with your mission?

We provide psychotherapy and counseling services of the highest quality, publicly reporting our treatment outcomes to provide real accountability to patients and referrers.

Our mission is to serve a wide range of clients through highly skilled and effective psychotherapists using diverse therapeutic approaches and honoring our clients’ treatment preferences. We continually monitor our results and achieve best-in-class outcomes. We create a welcoming environment to face some of life’s most difficult challenges, and facilitate great care for clients by taking great care of our clinicians.

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Does this sound like you?

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Please read our site thoroughly before submitting any materials. We are always looking for conversations with top-notch clinicians, and we offer a wonderful package of benefits. Want to be part of something great and give up the hassles of running your practice? Then please send Jason an email expressing who you are, what you stand for, and what drives you, along with an updated C.V. If you are not familiar with the field of outcomes measurement, individually-based accountability in psychotherapy, and the clinical-excellence literature, please start with our bibliography at the bottom of this page, and read this article.

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