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We provide the highest quality care available while protecting the depth, meaning, and helpfulness of psychotherapy. We believe in progress, but we want to do therapy in a way that is sensitive to who you are. We follow the best (but perhaps least understood) version of evidence-based practice. It’s called “practice-based evidence” (PBE) and means we are concerned with whether how we are working with you is actually making a meaningful difference in your life, and in a way that fits what you want from therapy.

We believe healthcare professionals should make clinical decisions based on the best scientific evidence for what works rather than relying on intuition and experience alone. But professionals can get carried away with what ‘theoretically’ is best. We never want to lose sight of how you are actually doing and what might be most helpful or supportive in your situation. Whether you are coming to us for a recent difficulty or a lifelong pattern you need to change, we take the time to really know you, feel for what you are dealing with, and work with you to find a new path that feels better to you. We want you to feel more like you.

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