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Jo Kim, Ph.D., PMH-C


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Starting therapy shouldn’t be scary or intimidating. You deserve to know what to expect from our work together. We’ll begin with a conversation to learn about what brought you here. It could be one significant loss, change, or transition, or a build-up of smaller stressors. Maybe someone else recommended therapy, or perhaps you’re not entirely sure why you’re here – and that’s okay too!

Therapy style

I’m not here to judge you (although I may call you out for judging yourself!) and anything is fair game to bring to our sessions. I spent two decades running a mental health crisis line, so I’ve seen and heard just about everything and I’m not easily shocked or offended. I don’t take myself too seriously, which often shows up in using humor or sarcasm with my clients. I do take our work together very seriously, though, and appreciate the courage it takes to begin – and continue – therapy. 

I’m a collaborative therapist, which means I see you as the expert on your own life and an equal contributor in the process. So, we’ll identify the goals you want to accomplish and I’ll bring different tools and strategies to help you reach those goals. We’ll use more of the tools and skills that resonate for you, and less of the ones that don’t. Although trained in long-term, in-depth psychodynamic therapy, I am also experienced with brief, focused approaches to therapy including Behavioral Activation (BA) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). So don’t worry – you’re not committing to therapy for life – just until you’ve accomplished the goals that matter to you!

Together, we’ll examine how small changes in your daily activities can lead to big improvements in your mood – especially when those activities are aligned with your values – and we’ll work on building problem-solving, communication, mindfulness techniques and other skills and resources to help you through stressful times. 

My primary goal is that you will emerge from our work together feeling better: empowered and confident in your ability to cope with life’s ups and downs.

I work with adults of all ages and have expertise with a wide variety of struggles. One of my specialty areas is perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs), which is a fancy term for depression, anxiety, and a whole range of other challenges people encounter during pregnancy or after giving birth (postpartum). I’ve also worked with clients dealing with infertility, pregnancy complications, pregnancy termination, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) admission and perinatal loss. If your journey to parenthood isn’t what you expected, I can help you begin to feel like yourself again.

Another focus of mine is helping people through grief and loss. Whether it’s the death of a friend or loved one, or the loss of abilities and opportunities due to illness or injury, I can help you move from feeling like you’ve been derailed to feeling like you’re back on track. I’ve worked with bereaved parents, individuals coping with new or chronic cancer diagnoses, and those living with amputation and spinal cord injury. I also support clients through “disenfranchised losses” – the type of loss others may not support or acknowledge, like the loss of a job, a pet, a friendship, or a dream. If you find yourself questioning whether life will ever be the same again, I’m here to help you discover a hopeful, meaningful future, even if it’s not the one you imagined.

Still not sure? The first step can often be the hardest. Take the first step – schedule a free 15-minute phone or telehealth consultation – and let’s talk about what the next step might look like.

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Monday through Friday: 9:00AM to 5:30PM

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$230 for 50-minute session
$345 for 75-minute session

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