Cost of sessions and forms of payment

Our therapists charge different rates. You can find our exact fees on the right side of each of our individual pages in the “Contact Info & Fees” section. 

inside of group therapy room at CCCE

Individual & Couples Therapy

For individual therapy or couples therapy, the cost per session can range from $115 per 50-minute session to work with our Advanced Doctoral trainee to more than $260 per session to work with our director. Each therapist’s page shows their fee. You can pay by ACH (checking account), credit card, or HSA card. Our varying rates are based on our experience and availability.

Group Therapy

Group therapy costs less per session, and is often charged monthly rather than per session.

What about health insurance?

We are out-of-network  (OON) for all health insurance companies. We can provide you with a statement (a superbill) for you to submit to your insurance for OON benefits, or for tax purposes. It is possible that your insurer will not reimburse you if they do not believe therapy is “medically necessary.” You may not have a ‘payable’ psychiatric diagnosis, and insurers require this before they will pay for treatment.  It’s a good idea to ask your insurer the following:

Why we don’t accept payment from health insurers:

We are more available to our patients, less overworked and burned out, and our helpfulness improves if we are not mired in bureaucracy or compensating for low reimbursements or non-payments by insurers. Your therapy is more confidential, more under your control, and we are free from an over-medicalized system that may not be appropriate or beneficial to you.  See more about insurance on our FAQ page.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance:

We do accept direct payment from Worker’s Compensation (WC) insurance when patients are referred by their Authorized Treating Physician, when evaluation and/or therapy are approved by the WC insurer. In the case of WC, the cost to the patient is $0, though we must provide ongoing documentation about evaluation and treatment.

The Good Faith Estimate:

Under the Federal No Surprises Act, if you are paying out of pocket rather than through insurance, you have the right to a Good Faith Estimate of charges associated with obtaining services from us. So, except with WC treatment (where the out-of-pocket cost is $0), your therapist will provide a Good Faith Estimate which shows you the cost of therapy with them.

Request Appointment

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