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From specific issues to life-long struggles, individual therapy provides privacy, safety, and focus on the change you are needing. We have a huge range of specialties. Click on our photos to read more about us. Not finding what you are looking for? Call 303-547-3700 to talk with one of us.


It can be hard to really hear each other. And it can feel impossible to make anything change if your partner is too stubborn, closed, or defensive. Couples therapy can open up the two-way street to make things more fair, softer between you, and safer so that more respect and trust can develop. We can also help new couples set up good habits for their maturing relationship. Each of us has a different style (more assertive, or more structured, or more creative). Read about each of us and feel free to call us for a conversation so you can get more of a sense of which of us might be the best match.

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group therapy

Group therapy is powerful, intense, challenging, and much different than individual therapy. We practice a few different kinds of group work, and currently we offer “process” groups, intense interactive groups for working on relationship, deeper connection, authenticity, and vulnerability. If you want a realistic feel for what “process groups” are, check out this new series on YouTube, or read this article about the filming of the show. 

child & family

For children as young as 10 who need therapy or support, for teen therapy, or for extended families working through adult conflicts (including therapy for family businesses), we have several providers to work with. Do we need the parents involved? Do we need to do family sessions? Does your teen need a very private therapy experience, like an adult would have, to really open up? We are skilled at giving kids and adolescents room to be real, get support, and get through their challenges, without pushing too hard and making therapy a waste of time. An adult who isn’t a parent and who listens and cares is a beautiful thing. Click on our pictures to read more about our specialties.

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teletherapy &
telemental health

Telemental health is online therapy that is conducted over the internet using video. It has an evolving set of licensing rules, standards, and laws that we work hard to keep up with.  If you live far from our offices or have significant barriers that keep you from coming to our office for face-to-face sessions, teletherapy (using a videoconferencing app on your computer or phone) may be a good option for you. These are our therapists who currently accept teletherapy or “telemental health” clients. Feel free to click on their photos to learn more. You can speak to us to learn more about how teletherapy works and whether it may be appropriate and helpful in your situation. 

accessible mental health
for employers

For employers of 5-150 employees, we provide focused, high-quality psychotherapy and counseling services to help your employees (and their families) thrive and get the support they need to weather the storms in life. Whether it’s job stress, communication issues, or a deep personal crisis, we offer something totally different than a standard EAP: extremely highly qualified psychotherapy for a sustained number of sessions, using a wide range of approaches and specialties. Plus, we have over 20 years’ worth of expertise in finding the best specialists and colleagues in the area for treatment needs that go beyond the scope of our services. Contact our director, Dr. Jason Seidel, at 303-377-0999 to learn more.

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