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Guided Imagining: Bird's Eye View by Elizabeth Nelson, Ph.D.

Guided Imagining: The Dragonfly by Elizabeth Nelson, Ph.D.

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Call our main number 24/7 and leave a message with our answering service. Or email us. We will help connect you with the right therapist in our Denver or Greenwood Village offices. Appointments are often within 3-5 days. We offer both in-person therapy and HIPAA-compliant video-therapy.

We are pleased to welcome Christi DeSimone, MA, advanced doctoral student at the University of Denver. Christi is available for psychotherapy at a reduced fee (click on her picture for more info). She is supervised by Dr. Jason Seidel (CO lic. PSY 2511).

The Colorado Center for Clinical Excellence

how are we different?

We provide effective therapy, and we care enough to check on whether what we are doing is actually helping you. We are Denver psychologists and psychotherapists who are well-trained and accountable to our clients. And, our peer-reviewed research on therapy effectiveness and measurement has been published in top academic journals. Besides therapy in Denver, we also provide therapy in Greenwood Village, in our DTC office.

our therapists

Christi DeSimone, MA


anxiety & depression
intense emotions

Alison Bloom, LCSW


adults, adolescents
grief & bereavement
anxiety & trauma
yoga & mindfulness

Jennifer Vannell, LPC


adults, adolescents, groups
caretaker fatigue
LGBTQIA issues
anxiety & depression

Jackie Mishoe, LMFT


adults, couples, teens
depression, anxiety
trauma, anger
mindfulness, self-esteem

Michael Pipich, LMFT


adults, couples, adolescents
anxiety, depression, bipolar
trauma, TBI, PTSD
marriage & family therapy

Elizabeth Nelson, Ph.D.


cognitive-behavioral therapy
anxiety & panic
phobias (speaking, flying, medical)
depression/bipolar disorder

Irina Banfi-Mare, Psy.D.


adults, couples, girls (age 15+)
depression, anxiety, & anger
self-image, intimacy, relationships
health, death & dying, loss

Jason Seidel, Psy.D., CGP


group therapy
anxiety & trauma
men’s issues
extreme stuckness

Kristen Morrison, Ph.D.


adults, couples
depression, mood regulation
anxiety, all relationships
mindfulness, acceptance

our practice makes perfect

Groups. It’s how we learn best. It’s how we tell our stories, feel heard, get feedback, and reconsider our sense of reality. Not only do our therapists work together in a group to improve our clinical skills, but our clients can also sign up for group therapy in our Greenwood Village office. We say that “in group therapy, you learn what people are for.”

two convenient locations

We know that for the right therapist, you are willing to make the drive. And, luckily, we are right off the highway with offices at I-25 and Colorado Blvd (Denver), and at I-25 and Belleview Ave (DTC/Greenwood Village). And both offices are within about 0.7 miles of RTD lightrail stations.

Work with the evidence-based therapists of The Colorado Center

We aim for the transformation and resolution of your difficulties, way beyond “managing the problem.” Effective psychotherapy helps you experience strength, meaning, and faith in your own power to improve your life.

office hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 2:00pm

main phone



1720 S. Bellaire St, Suite 204
Denver, CO 80222

DTC/Greenwood Village
8000 E. Prentice Ave, Suite D-12
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

With over 90% of our clients rating our therapy quality, we average 4.6/5 stars

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Feel free to call us at no charge to help you find the right psychotherapist. Call us at 303-547-3700 (24/7) to get the ball rolling. Or choose one of us to call directly. We are happy to talk you through the process.