Thanks to You

we can’t do it without you!

Excellence requires us to continually take a hard look at where we are going off the road. When you give us feedback about our mistakes, shortcomings, and weaknesses, it gives us the opportunity to do better. 

so, thank you for your honest and direct feedback

Whether during your therapy, or afterward, to your therapist, or to our director: we want to know anything we should do differently to be the best therapy practice in Colorado, or even the country.

Got more to say? Let us know! email me at anytime you have a thought about what we can do to be better. Or call me directly at 303-377-0999.

Our mission is to serve a wide range of clients through highly skilled and effective psychotherapists using diverse therapeutic approaches and honoring our clients’ treatment preferences. We continually monitor our results and achieve best-in-class outcomes. We create a welcoming environment to face some of life’s most difficult challenges.

So, how are we doing, really? And what needs to be different? 

With gratitude for your trust and your time,
Jason Seidel, Psy.D.