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Alison Bloom, LCSW


Education & Experience

Real change takes courage, and you take the first step by opening yourself up to the therapeutic experience. I aim to create a calm and peaceful space for you to explore the deepest corners of your truest self, while providing that nudge to combat the fear of change and self-doubt.

Therapy style

Let’s start with your happy place: a beach, calm body of water, deep within the mountains hidden where nobody can find you? If you have a place, great, let’s sit there together. If you don’t, that is absolutely ok…let’s find a place together. In these times of uncertainty and global grief, it is important we find a space to “just be.” Working within the context of hospice, grief, and bereavement, I have assisted people in finding ways to process, reflect, and find peace. And I do that through psychotherapy, too. We all seek comfort and commonality, and I look at therapy as a way to connect to our highest potential, while focusing on very attainable goals.

My work has primarily been with grief, bereavement, anxiety and depression;  I use breathwork, yoga and vibrational sound healing along with other methods to soothe the soul while helping it open up to new goals you want to accomplish. 

As a therapist, my job is to meet you where you are. On the edge of panic or despair…that is ok, I am here to sit with you to explore those feelings and to process how to cope, while continuing to grow. With this fast-paced life we live in, it is important to slow it down and to take the time for self-care and healing. Through numerous relaxation and grounding techniques, we will explore what works best for you so that you can take your “therapy toolkit” out with you into the world, as you face challenges and confront them head on. I am your cheerleader, advocate, and confidant. By working together we will face challenges and create a strong foundation to build on. It starts from the ground up…we will build that foundation together brick by brick. And if you already have a strong foundation, we will secure it while working on whatever change you are seeking. Are you ready to quite literally “sit” within yourself?

Areas of Treatment


Monday through Friday: 9:00AM to 6:30PM

Contact info & Fees

$190 for 50-minute session
$285 for 75-minute session
$215 for 50-min couples session


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