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James Abrams

Lic. Addictions Counselor
Lic. Prof'l. Counselor Cand.


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James Cole Abrams, LAC, LPC   720.432.5680

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I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, in the middle of the worst heroin epidemic the state had ever seen. Growing up in that environment, I witnessed the damage that addiction can cause and the struggle that people go through to try and get out from under it. After I graduated from high school, I left Baltimore to pursue my education in Ohio, at Oberlin College, where I majored in religious studies and philosophy.

After college, I earned a Master's degree in Eastern Classics at St. John's University. While working on my degree, it occurred to me that I wanted to apply what I was learning in a more hands-on and useful way than simply working in academia - I was feeling a deep call to use what I had learned to help people in distress. As a result of this realization I enrolled at Naropa University to pursue a second Master's, this time in Contemplative Counseling Psychology. I worked in the mental health field the entire time I was enrolled in the program, and upon receipt of my degree became a psychotherapist.

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