Wachtel, Ph.D.
Seidel, Psy.D.
Morrison, Ph.D.
Banfi-Mare, Psy.D.
Nelson, Ph.D.
Wachtel, Ph.D.
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We provide effective psychotherapy and counseling for adults and teens.

We measure your progress toward greater well-being to make sure you get the change you want.
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We want to provide the best psychotherapy in Denver, so we specialize in a variety of well-established, effective methods, not fads. We also do testing and assessment for adolescents and adults.

All therapists at The Colorado Center:
  • Have results that are better than average on measures of therapy effectiveness.
  • Meet our initial criteria for excellence.
  • Pass background checks for ethical, licensing, and legal violations.
  • Continually work to improve effectiveness and are caring, smart, open, and genuinely helpful.
Research shows consistent things therapists should do, whether for anxiety or depression, couples therapy or anger management, trauma or addiction, adult or child. We should:
  • Use an approach that makes sense to you.
  • Pay attention to early signs of change.
  • Seek honest feedback from you to improve what we're doing.
This is how any service should work, don't you think? And when it comes to the difficult and sensitive work of psychotherapy, we believe that quality of care is even more important. So, come meet our therapists and feel free to call us with your questions.

We use an NREPP-approved evidence-based practice.
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