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Kayla Wolf, MFTC

Marriage & Fam Thrpst Cand.


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Kayla Wolf, MFTC   720-434-9655

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couples therapy
medical family therapy
infidelity, trauma, depression

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University of Wyoming: BA
University of Nebraska: MFT
Univ. of Neb. Med. Center: MedFT Cert
Gottman Couples Therapy Level 1 Cert

main phone: 303-547-3700


Monday through Thursday
10:00AM to 7:00PM
9:00AM to 1:00PM

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$150 for 50-minute session
$225 for 75-minute session
$300 per month for group therapy
Limited sliding scale available

therapy style

"Life isn't fair." You may have said it yourself, or had it said to you. Whatever the case, it's worth spending a bit of time on it. It makes me think: You're right. It's not. Now let's talk about that. Therapy is where the pain from unfairness, or injustices, in life is acknowledged and explored. It's not that life is or should be fair, but it's okay to have some feelings about the fact that it's not. When we face our true feelings about events and relationships in our lives, especially those that have hurt us, then we can heal, be more authentic, and start to ask for what we need.

Know this: Your story does not have to be defined by the injustices you have experienced. There is another story waiting to be written. Therapy can help you figure out what you want this story to look, feel, and sound like. Therapy can help you heal from the past and be empowered to grow into the person you want to become.

In therapy with me, this change happens through a process of first identifying injustices and how these have impacted you and your relationships. Injustices come in all shapes and sizes: Did your parents always favor your sibling when you were growing up? Have your personal or civil rights been violated? Has a partner or family member damaged your trust in some way? Do you feel lonely because your needs are not being met at work or home? Have you experienced the injustice of trauma?

My goal in therapy is to help you explore these themes or whatever else keeps you feeling stuck. I want you to feel seen and heard so you have the courage to connect with what you already know on the inside but might not show yourself or others in your life. I can help you think differently about the facts of your life-to find meaning in them and respond to them in new ways. It's not all going to be about pain-we will also spend a great deal of time talking about your strengths and the various ways you are already succeeding at living-appreciating the ways you have been heroic in your life. I will teach you concrete skills to manage your life and relationships differently to give you a sense of hope and mastery. The way we go about therapy will be informed by your specific goals.

My approach is an integration of contextual therapy, narrative therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, emotionally focused couple therapy, and Gottman method couples therapy. As a marriage and family therapist candidate, I work with individuals, couples, and families from a systemic perspective. This means that I see relationships, and the 'systems' people live in, as an important part of the change process. If you are an individual, I will work with you to see how the relationships in your life are connected to your pain and healing process. I may even ask you to bring in a partner, family member, or friend to help you meet your goals. With couples and families, my goal is to help you understand each other's perspectives, learn skills to manage conflict, promote a balanced relationship, and develop a secure base for your relationship. Sometimes this involves forgiveness and sometimes it looks more like acceptance of the injustices that have happened and the way that our loved ones are. In many cases, both things can be true: The people we care about can cause us pain and still be good partners, parents, or family members. Learning how to handle, and even enjoy the complexity of that is part of what I can help you with.

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