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Highly Effective, Personal, and Results-Oriented Psychotherapy

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Seidel, Psy.D.

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Caregiving, it has been said, is a moral act with unique power to enrich and give meaning to the lives of both giver and receiver. In the end, time is short and the stakes are high with every word and every gesture. What health-care providers say (and how we say it) and what we do (and how we do it) matters.

           --Caleb Gardner, MD
             The Lancet (2015)

To provide the best psychotherapy for adults and children in Denver, we specialize in well-established, effective methods, not fads. And we continually monitor our outcomes. We also do testing and assessment for children, adolescents, and adults.

All therapists at The Colorado Center:
• account for our effectiveness.
• work to improve our clinical outcomes.
• are caring, smart, open, and genuinely helpful.

To improve the results you get from therapy, we:
• use an approach that makes sense to you.
• pay attention to early signs of change.
• seek honest feedback from you to improve therapy.

We use Feedback-Informed Treatment, an NREPP-approved evidence-based practice. (Click on the NREPP logo for more.)

This is how any service should work, don't you think? And when it comes to psychotherapy, we believe that quality of care is even more important. So, come meet our therapists!

Highly Effective, Personal,
and Results-Oriented Psychotherapy